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Paediatric Physiotherapy

Paediatric Physiotherapy is a field of physiotherapy involving the treatment of infants, children and adolescents. Paediatric physiotherapy covers a wide range of conditions, including:

  • Motor delay and co-ordination problems
  • Early Intervention for infants and children with disabilities or detected to be at risk of delays
  • Orthopaedic conditions such as plagiocephaly/torticollis (flattening or turning of the head), tallipes (unusual positioning of the feet) or abnormal walking patterns
  • Hypermobility
  • Fatigue or Poor Strength
  • General movement assessments


At Stellar Physio we have a fully equipped paediatric gym and Pilates studio. Our physiotherapy philosophy is based on a family centred approach; with fun interactive treatments focused on achieving therapeutic and family goals. Our treatments are based around play and games to engage your child, whilst incorporating strength training, balance, co-ordination and is dependent on your specific needs. Physiotherapy helps build confidence and is a doorway to enjoying physical activity and participation in school, sports, play and social settings.

All patients of Stellar Physio will need to undertake the following process to ensure we provide you with the best possible service:

  1. An initial assessment (1 hour) to develop a therapeutic plan, including written report for your GP.
  2. Follow up consultations of either 1 hour or 30 minutes, which will be discussed with your Physiotherapist and dependent on your child’s needs.

Please see Bookings and Fees for further information or give us a call and our friendly team will be able to answer your questions.