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Back Pain & Sarah Key

Back Pain


Back pain will affect 80% of us at some point in our lives and it can be very disabling and extremely frightening. It usually feels like an ache, stiffness or tension in the back and can be triggered by a multitude of things, particularly bad posture while sitting and standing, bending awkwardly or lifting incorrectly. Most acute back pain will settle quickly, if managed well. There are many reasons for the onset of back pain and rarely are they because of serious pathology.

Fear of moving and adopting poor movement patterns are major role players in prolonging your back pain. We at Stellar Physio know from years of experience in treating back pain that your recovery is accelerated when you understand your problem and start moving normally again. This concept is now strongly backed by medical research.

Just watch a child playing happily, they bend and twist their body with the greatest of ease; no puppet like movements made in a carefully planned sequence. Let us cut your puppet strings and install that childlike movement your spine so desperately needs.


Sarah Key


Sarah Key is a world renowned physiotherapist famous for fixing problem backs.  She has 40 years of experience treating backs in London and her home town of Sydney.  She is the author of the bestselling book “The Back Sufferer’s Bible” and has over the years added another 4 books to her collection, further explaining back pain and other skeletal problems.


Sarah has developed a successful method of treatment, the Sarah Key method, that is based around her explanations into the 5 stages of spinal breakdown. For each stage she has devised home exercises that have become very popular among chronic back pain sufferer’s. Her treatment regime involves specific spinal mobilisation using the heel, use of her Backblock and specific home exercises. The 5 stages of spinal breakdown are thoroughly explained in her bestselling book “The Back Sufferer’s Bible”. Recently Sarah Key has published two scientific papers (Physical Therapy Reviews) and founded the Key Spinal Research Centre in the UK to promote back health and to make more widespread the understanding of the science behind spinal therapy.

Coralie has spent many hours training and being mentored by Sarah to become an accredited Sarah Key practitioner (APSKM). She has utilised her method over the last 9 years in successfully treating problem backs.